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  • How long do dried flowers last?
    If cared for correctly, dried flowers can last between 1-3 years.
  • How do I care for my dried flowers?
    The best way to care for your dried flowers is to keep out of water, in a cool dry space, away from direct heat & sunlight.
  • Do I need to put dried flowers in water?
    No water is required, dried flowers do not enjoy damp spaces.
  • Are dried flowers, real flowers?"
    Dried flowers are real flowers & grasses that have been created for longer term use. They are a natural product so size, shape & texture will vary. Dried flowers are not plastic like artificial flowers and have a more rustic look.
  • Do I need to clean dried flowers?
    No cleaning is required, this is all completed by us ahead of creating your arrangement. If your arrangement gathers dust, then you can use a soft make up brush to gently remove the particles one stem at a time.
  • Do dried flowers smell?
    As dried flowers are a natural product, they can have a smell to them based on the drying or colouring process. All our arrangements include dried eucalyptus to create a subtle natural scent, giving a more realistic feel.
  • Why should I choose dried flowers?
    Dried flowers make a beautiful gift or addition to any home. The benefits of dried flowers are they last longer than real flowers & can be created in a range of colours to compliment your occasion or home/workplace décor.
  • Does pampas grass shed?
    Yes, pampas grass can shed, so avoid touching or moving the arrangement for best results.
  • Do bunny tails shed?
    Yes, bunny tails can shed, so avoid touching or moving the arrangement for best results.
  • Are dried flowers fragile?
    Dried flowers can be fragile so should not be rearranged from the original handtied arrangement.
  • Do you deliver across the UK?
    Yes, your dried flowers will arrive within 7 working days of us confirming your order.
  • Can I choose something bespoke to me?
    Yes of course, we would love to create you a bespoke arrangement so just get in touch with your colours & let us take care of the design.
  • Does my dried flower bouquet include a vase?
    All medium, large & XL sizes include a glass vase & four letter personalised tag.
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